Pilates Leg Kick – How Do They Work?


In the modern day world, the lifestyles of the majority of the people are considerably different from the ones from around a decade ago. This also includes dietary habits and exercise routines of the common folks, which too, has changed over the years.

For instance, Standard American Diets today are loaded with empty calories and unhealthy foods. Since the workload in recent times increased, the time one has for himself decreased.

However, this is no longer a trend. The impact of technology and the internet has also played a major role in bringing a different kind of change – the start of a healthy movement among the people.

Even though there are many health issues present in the United States today, the people have begun to opt for more healthier options thanks to the increased awareness as well as the developments in the food industry which help them stick to their healthy diets.

In addition, this movement has also popularised certain types of exercises. Instead of the regular, everyday mundane gym, there are specific exercise classes or various other alternatives. Pilates is a type of exercise that is one of them.

From the relative at your spring BBQ to your coworker, every other person has joined a pilates class. This popularity is actually relatively new. Not only are pilates done for fitness purposes but also for improving postures and dealing with health conditions such as anxiety.

Should you join a pilates class? This article will provide further information on how pilates work. One can easily decide on doing them after reading their impact on the body and the health in general.

Do Pilates Work For Weight Loss?

One of the reasons for the prevalence of pilates classes is their effects which include toning the body, strengthening the muscles and helping a person achieve a better posture. However, when it comes to weight loss[1], pilates may not be as effective in comparison with other forms of exercises.

If a person’s health target is to shed a lot of extra pounds, doing pilates may not be a good idea. While they may help you keep off and get rid of a few extra pounds, they may not be as good especially for a major weight loss.

Another side of the argument here can on the enjoyment in doing Pilates. If a person enjoys doing pilates[2] even for weight loss, it may be better for him to continue doing so since it will help him maintain his fitness routine.

This will help in sticking to the fitness routine and will work for sure if it is combined with a healthy diet. Secondly, pilates may also be performed in combination with cardio and other forms of exercise for even better results.

How Many Times Are Pilates Supposed To Be Done?

For the beginners, the pilates classes are only for 2-3 times a week. This is because many people may find doing pilates hard at the starting. As time passes, they become easier to do.

For others, experts usually recommend doing another form of exercise along with pilates especially if the goal is to lose weight. There are also different varieties in pilates that are also harder in comparison with the conventional mat Pilates.

For example, Yogalates and Piloxing are both two popular forms of pilates. In the former, pilates is done along with yoga while the latter is a combination of pilates with boxing. Another advanced form of pilates is the Pilates reformer class.

It is also possible to do pilates with other forms of exercises such as strength training. Usually, combining Pilates with anything leads to really good results as the body gets toned as soon as it starts to lose weight. Maintaining a healthy diet may also help in maximizing the benefits.

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Hilary Jensen

Hilary is a Literature graduate with expertise in Creative Writing. Her writing interests are mental health, ethics, and news reporting. You will find her work associated with relevant research and references that shows her passion for delivering authentic information to readers.


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