Showering and Health – What’s the Connection?


The common health rhetoric around the world with regards to showering says that in order to maintain maximum hygiene levels, one should form a habit of taking a shower on a daily basis. Whether it is for getting clean or to feel fresh in warm water after a long day, it is important to remember that showering every day is not a requirement for staying healthy for all people.

According to research, showering frequently has a number of health benefits. Not only does it clean away dirt, bacteria and keep skin problems away, showering is also a good source of hydrotherapy and pain relief.

The advantages of taking a shower or bath, taking steam, and going to a sauna include decreasing fatigue and inflammation, increasing blood flow, improving immunity, blood flow, and concentration, and helping with pain and aches.

While some people do need to shower daily because of their routines and work, not every other person would need to follow a similar path to have good health. In fact, the majority of the people have a set routine of showering mainly due to feeling conscious about not meeting the societal standards rather than being clean.

Following such a notion may be good for boosting self-confidence but in case of maintaining health, is it always necessary. The need to shower may vary from person to person and in accordance with factors such as occupation, weather, and others.

Which Factors Affect Showering?

When it comes to showering, there a number of things a person needs to keep in mind. For instance, the changes in weather are important to keep in mind when it comes to the frequency of showering. In the United States, the weather is either cold and dry or hot and humid.

In both the season, doctors give different instructions for showering. In the winters, people are advised to shorten their showering times and not take one every other day in general while in summers, showering with mildly cold water every day can be fine.

In a similar way, age also matters when it comes to showering. In the case of teenagers and young adults, taking a shower is usually acceptable since they are more active and sweaty. In contrast, babies and older adults are not recommended to do the same.

Another significant factor that matters in the frequency of showering is the work a person does. Someone whose job includes desk and office work will probably not have to shower the way a butcher or an exterminator would.

People whose jobs include exposure to dangerous substances are, on the other hand, required to take a shower at the end of the day to avoid any potential harmful effects.

Is It Possible To Shower Too Much?

Taking a hot shower at the end of a long day or before starting a day may sound refreshing and good for health. It also helps to keep the skin clean by washing off any bacteria or fungi on the surface of the skin.

However, this also means that the bacteria that are needed by the body to protect it from other foreign invaders and keep infections away are also washed off. The kind of products and the frequency of using them also plays a big role in this matter.

In addition, this may also lead to other problems such as cracked skin, dryness, and damaged hair. The ‘squeaky clean’ and ‘tight skin’ feeling one gets after showering, in contrary to the popular belief, is actually not a sign of cleanliness.¬†Instead, it means that the skin of the particular person needs moisture and is too dry.

Conclusively, showering, like other things, should also be done in a controlled manner. It is always important to remember that too much of a thing is bad.



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Hilary Jensen

Hilary is a Literature graduate with expertise in Creative Writing. Her writing interests are mental health, ethics, and news reporting. You will find her work associated with relevant research and references that shows her passion for delivering authentic information to readers.


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