Sleep loss to trigger dehydration in healthy adults 


Researchers from Penn State University have come up with a new study enumerating the importance of getting sufficient sleep. The study states that getting less than six hours of sleep per night can make one feel dehydrated. The research published in the Journal Sleep. It indicates higher chances of dehydration among individuals who sleep for a shorter time, particularly less than six hours.

It is often heard that doctors or health experts recommend a seven to eight hours of sleep each day. Several studies link that not having a good night’s sleep takes a toll on the health of individuals. One of the outcomes of lack of sleep is dehydration, as per this respective research.

Dehydration impairs a number of corporal systems and functions in an individual. These may include cognition, mood, physical performance etc. Moreover, prolonged dehydration results in more serious problems like kidney stones and increased risk of urinary tract infections. With these findings, the experts in the study suggest people drink more and more water.

For the study, American and Chinese adults were taken under examination. They examined the effect of sleep on the hydration status of the individuals and evaluated the risk of dehydration. Three samples with over 20,000 adults were analyzed. Two of the samples encountered the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and one sample of adults was analyzed through the Chinese Kailuan Study.

The participants were surveyed for their sleeping habits. Plus the researchers collected their urine samples to measure the extent of hydration.

What do the results say?

The results of the study showed that the participants, having six hours of sleep, had more concentrated urine. They exhibited 16 to 59 percent greater chances of being dehydrated. However, those who reported having eight hours of sleep, regularly at night were likely to have healthy hydration levels.

Experts believe that the hormonal system of the body contributes to the situation. The endocrine system mainly regulates hydration. Vasopressin is the hormone that helps regulate the body’s hydration status. It is released both more rapidly and later on in the sleep cycle.

Asher Rosinger, the study’s lead author and an assistant professor of biobehavioral health at Penn State, said that waking up earlier can make one miss the window in which more of the hormone is released. This may cause a significant disruption in the hydration of the body.

Thus, the study suggests people have adequate sleep or else drink an adequate amount of water to manage their hydration status.

How is getting enough sleep healthy for you?

When you are sleeping, your brain signals hormone production for various corporal purposes. An adequate amount of sleep regulates major bodily functions like,

It reduces the risk of early death

Scientists have reviewed around 16 studies covering over 1.3 million people and more than 100,000 deaths within 25 years. They have revealed that people who sleep for less than six hours in a day are at 12 percent higher risk of early death.

Inadequate sleep triggers weight gain

Sleep deprivation usually empties your energy reserves. It drains your energy thus; cuts down the level of your physical activities. Moreover, a lack of sleep causes the brain to trigger the chemicals that promote hunger, resulting in eating more. Thus, sleep loss may trigger weight gain.

Regular sleep supports the immune system

Our immune system releases cytokines during sleep. These compounds fight inflammation and infection in our body. Thus, regular and adequate sleep promotes enough cytokines to protect against diseases.

Sleep deprivation hampers your memory

An adequate amount of sleep helps you to focus on and retain memory. It also improves your sense of judgment. Thus, if you are deprived of sleep, you might face difficulty in memorizing or remembering things.



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Areeba Hussain
The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health.


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